If you have a nut allergic child, one of the first things you think about when choosing a camp is: Can the camp accommodate my needs?   In other words, “Which camps are nut free?”  Did you know that some camps that are “nut aware” can be as safe as the camps that are labeled nut free?  As parents, you need to know and keep in mind the following when choosing a camp for your nut allergic child.


Our top 5…because 4 just isn’t enough 🙂


  1. Does the camp serve products that contain nuts anywhere in camp including the dining room, health center and canteen? Did you know that some camps who do not serve nuts of any kind at meals can have snacks that contain traces of nuts in the camp canteen? Double check this when touring and remember to ask your tour guide.


  1. Do you have EpiPens on campus? If so, are they in several locations? EpiPens should be in a nut free/nut aware camp and in designated locations.


  1. Do you allow counselors to have food in their bunks? Do you allow parents to send packages? Do you allow visiting day food bunk gifts or food that could contain nuts of any kind? Do you proactively enforce these rules by sending out letters to families and have counselors and guests on board with these rules? Do you have staff checking for items that may not be allergy friendly on visiting days?


  1. When the kids leave camp for athletic events or trip day, do you pack a safe lunch for every child?


  1. Does the camp offer OIT therapy? (Oral Immunotherapy-treating the food allergy with small amounts and increasing with the hopes of desensitization-Thanks FoodAllergy.Org). This may be something to think about (or not) down the road. We have many families asking us about this.


 Can camp be completely safe for your allergen child… yes! Talk to the Directors, know the facts!  Camps can absolutely be safe for children with allergies. Find out which camp works best for your child.


We know the facts!  One of the many things Camp Specialists does is tour camps every summer and ask important questions.  We are here for our families and treat your children like our own! If you would like to discuss peanut allergies and/or camp with us reach out to Camp Specialists at 800-443-6428 or email us at info@campspecialists.com.



Stacy Fleischman



Former Camp Director turned Camp Specialist


Why…. because I believe in camp and Love Camp!