So what exactly is this Moms Getaway at Tyler Hill we keep hearing about?

A weekend away with no kids or spouses…friends only…with yoga, fitness, healthy food and country air. Since March when the Coronavirus threw the world off balance, parents around the country have been working tirelessly to balance and normalize their own lives and their kids’ lives. It’s an understatement to say it’s been a challenge. From school being canceled, then camp closures to family life in quarantine. Throughout these “New realities” for everyone, parents have beared the brunt of it all. Moms, in particular, have felt the weight of the world on them and it’s no secret that it’s taking a toll. So when Lyss Stern, her sister Sam Dyer, and best friend Courtney Wunderlich came to visit Tyler Hill Camp this summer, they couldn’t stop thinking about the concept of a weekend away for moms. As they breathed the Pocono Mountain air and felt the peace of being away, they started plotting and planning for what a weekend for moms would look like. And just like that, a “Moms Getaway Weekend” became a reality.

It’s so hard to get away from the day to day responsibilities of being home right now. Why should moms make this weekend a priority for themselves?

It’s the antidote for the past five months. It’s a break for moms. It’s a chance for a group of women to come together, catch their breath, laugh, sweat (if they want), drink (if they want), have fun, get “campy”, and have a much needed refresh and recharge. Specifically, it’s 48 hours filled with fitness, yoga options, healthy meals and camp activities such as adventure courses, hikes, campfires, games, tie-dye and karaoke. It’s discussions with topical experts on anxiety and motherhood, it’s drinking wine with friends. It’s sitting at the lake reading or just hanging out. Every activity will be optional and by choice!!

What about Covid and safety precautions?

In order to ease everyone’s minds and keep everyone safe, we are requiring all participants to have proof of a negative Covid test prior to arriving at Tyler Hill. Guests will sleep in private guest rooms with private bathrooms or in a cabin with a maximum of three other moms. Social distancing will be the norm and activities will be held outdoors!

Why now? September’s such a difficult month to get away!

Why now? Why NOT now? This is THE perfect time for a get-away. Try to find coverage for your children so you can take this important time for yourselves. Everything else in your life can go on without you for 48 hours!!!

Thanks Wendy and Lyss! If our moms have more questions or would like to register, who should they reach out to?

Me! Wendy Siegel at