Summer may be over, but camp memories live forever! Here at Camp Specialists we continue to explore what it means to send them off to their very first summer away in our ongoing blog series. Each story is different, but the power of camp connects them all.

Stacy’s Story

Camp was always something that I wanted for my kids. Camp has been in my blood since I was a camper, counselor, group head, and then Assistant Director of an overnight camp. My kids went to camp this summer for the first time. Both of my kids were reluctant as they were anxious about the unknown. Every night before camp I tucked them in while they nervously asked me if they “had to go?” or “why camp was so great?” Every night I plastered a big smile on my face and told them it was ok to be nervous and they were in for the summer of their lives!

As we said goodbye after a long drive up to camp (Covid-style 2021) I’m not sure who was fighting back tears the most… my older daughter who was being brave by jumping out of the car quickly, my younger daughter who had to be gently pulled away from my car, or my husband and myself who smiled from ear to ear, waiting to pull out of the driveway so we could start to cry. 

When you have a happy child at camp, life is glorious! I had one child at camp who was off and running and the other who started off slowly. With one child at camp who was not so happy, being taken care of perfectly, but just homesick, it makes your heart break. 

The camp was amazing with her (and me) and she learned true resilience! She learned she could do it! I don’t think she could be any prouder of herself and I don’t think I could be either! 

I know in my heart we picked the right camp and the right people to care for our daughters. I’m proud to say that we made it through our first summer and we made it successfully!