Is every camp for everyone?

Camp is not “One Size Fits All”

Every family has their interpretation of the “perfect summer”. For some, this means traditional sleep away camp that lasts for seven weeks, full of bunk friends, Color War and s’mores. For other families, perfection is the right mix of the family vacation and just a couple weeks of summer camp. And for another group, the ideal is several camp experiences in one summer, fulfilling a child’s various and specific interests. There is no one answer to the perfect summer – camp these days is not “one size fits all” – but with the proper guidance, every family can find their match. At Camp Specialists, our job is to listen so that your family can easily find their own unique “perfect”.

Our process starts with you and your family. Our motto is “the kids come first.” Connecting with a member of our team, gives your family the time and space to explain what your perfect summer looks like. We listen closely so that the choices can be made quickly. The Camp Specialists depth of knowledge on what is out there brings your family the resources necessary to make the best choice possible for you.

Traditional camps

Most parents can remember a time when sleep away camp always meant 8-weeks of fun. The “traditional” camp these days is 7-weeks, but the non-stop schedule of activities, sports, crafts, arts, and good times remains the same. One advantage of a 7-week camp is that there is no question remaining as to what the kids will be doing this summer – the only question is how much fun you can pack in before they come home again. The full summer experience also lends itself to a depth of friendship among camp friends that is hard to replace in a shorter timeframe. Not to mention, the time to achieve real skills in their specific and diverse interests through summer-long coaching and mentorship. This might mean a gymnastics breakthrough for some, or the completion of a woodworking masterpiece for others. For the families with strong attachments to their own camp experience, it’s hard to envision a summer that is not filled with the ebb and flow of the 7-week camp and all that it has to offer.

Elective camps

Elective camps can also fill a summer’s worth of fun in 7 weeks of time, but they let the camper choose their own direction. Whereas traditional camps adhere to a schedule and seek to expose the camper to a diversity of activities, elective camps let you skip ahead to your favorites. These camps are sure to please those looking for the ability to choose their activities. Elective camps offer a well balanced menu of sports, crafts, and arts options to choose from, with various session lengths and dates


Shorter sessions

For other families, camp is just one part of a fabulous summer, a great change-up to time spent at the beach, off on vacation, or visiting with family and friends. Two, three, and even four week camps exist to fill this need. These camps represent a great option for families that want to do camp, but also have other plans and commitments. Flexibility is the main advantage at camps that offer multiple sessions, allowing you to pick which specific formula fits into your busy schedule. These shorter session camps also offer a wide range of activities, sports, arts and fun, just in a shorter period of time. A shorter camp experience may also appeal to first-time campers who are wary of leaving home. It is often the right fit for a more diverse group of campers that find going away for 2 weeks a more accessible option than an entire summer. And parents who may not have gone to camp themselves are often fans of a shorter camp experience, as they too are testing the waters. The shorter sessions also work well for full-summer campers who are now making a switch in their teens, as schedules can change and evolve.

Specialized camps

And then there are the camps that bring their own special magic, sure to fulfill the promise of summer for just the right family. These camps speak to focused interests that range from whale watching, to magic and circus arts, to horseback riding, fishing, dance and traditional sports. For the families seeking to dive head first into a specific field of interest, this could be a great fit. These camps appeal to both devotees and those hoping to start a new adventure and take a chance. While the options may seem endless, Camp Specialists excels at helping families pinpoint the camp or camps for them. These activity-focused camps often run for 2 or 3 week sessions, allowing families to find one or multiple experiences to create their ideal summer.

In the end, there are a lot of camps and options to choose from, but remember that you don’t have to go it alone. Camp Specialists will be here for you, every step of the way.