Here is the Camp Specialists Quiz. Ask yourself the following questions.  Does Your Child…

  1. …easily stay overnight with friends & relatives?
  1. …sleep though the night?
  1. …function well in a group setting?
  1. …ask for help or assistance, when needed?
  1. …easily warm up to new situations & people?
  1. …have the ability to handle feelings in safe, appropriate manner?
  1. …enjoy new experiences?
  1. …make friends easily?
  1. …keep track of his or her belongings?
  1. …respond appropriately to people in positions of authority?

 If you answered “usually” or “sometimes” for most of these questions, the likelihood is that your child will thrive at sleep away camp. If there are one or two trouble spots, no worries, these things will be learned at camp. The gift of camp is one of the best gifts a parent can give to a child. Contact us when you are ready to find the perfect camp for your child.

Your Camp Specialists Team