Stacy Fleischman knows EVERY reason why you should send your child to sleep away camp. So this time she asked Brain Krug from Camp Canadensis to name one reason why:

Brian: Sleep away camp is sure to be a place where your child makes some of their best friends in the world.  It will also be a place where they are introduced to new activities.  And, it will be a place that is a whole lot of fun! 

And while all of this is super great, we have learned that parents nowadays are finding it more and more important to find a camp that has a strong values system in place and incorporates it into the daily program.  Whether it’s independence or respect, inclusion or honesty, parents want a camp that will provide their child with a strong sense of personal growth. 

In your camp search, be sure to ask the directors what things are put in place to help make the experience as meaningful as possible. 

Stacy: Camp Specialists can not agree more! GREAT ADVICE!!!!