Why did you become a Camp Specialist?

I became a camp specialist because camp is one of my favorite topics of conversation. When I heard that there was a job that required me to talk about camp 100% of the time-I said, “Sign me up!”  I had such an incredible experience at sleep away camp through my many years there, and I want to be able to help families find the best camp experiences for their kids. I love to connect with people, and I’m honest and patient. I will always look out for a family’s best interests with absolutely no agenda. 

What I like most about being a camp specialist?

There is no better feeling than having a family tell me that the camper that I placed is having the best time at camp. I only hope that my clients love camp as much as I did. Knowing that I helped to make a camper /family happy & comfortable is all that I can ask for. 

What did I love most about camp?

There are so many things that I loved about camp. But probably what I loved the most was The Olympic Games (Color War.) Everything about it was so awesome!!!! From the drama of the fake break-outs, to the excitement of the real break-outs. I loved the intense sports competition, learning the songs for SING and especially the honor of being an Olympic General (for the Navy Team) during my CIT summer. Even though we lost, I still remember all of the words to the Alma mater. 

Navy Magic forever!! 🙂